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5 Things to Know Before Starting a Home Extension

There is much to consider before you knock down a wall or start digging a hole in your garden for the foundations for an extension. Building an extension can be noisy and expensive and is certainly disruptive. You will have to deal with architects, builders, trades people, the neighbours, the local council and other national regulatory authorities in Auckland, New Zealand.

Are you ready for the noise and the mess? Can you really afford an extension and do you even need one?

You must ask yourself many more questions before you begin the process of an extension, the following are just some examples: 

Do I really need an extension? 

Can I afford an extension? 

Will it be cheaper to extend than move and buy a bigger house? 

Will I need planning permission? 

Can I handle the disruption of a build right now?

With those questions in mind take a careful look at the 5 things you absolutely must know the answers too before you start a home extension.

Number One - Do you need planning permission?

Depending on the country or region that you live in you may find that some building activities or minor renovations do not require any permissions from the authorities. Research at the planning stages will save you heartache, stress and issues further in to your project. There will likely be fees associated with a planning application. Your builder or architect will be able to advise you further. 

Number Two - Do you know a good, reliable builder?

Ask friends and family for their recommendations. If no recommendations are forthcoming you will need to do some research, Read testimonials, look for online reviews and if possible ask to view actual work examples of past builds. The cheapest quote is not always the one you should choose. Weigh up cost against time and reputation where possible.

Number Three - Will you design your extension yourself or employ an architect?

Unless you are a qualified builder or architect, a home extension is probably best left to the professionals. Poor design or construction will not add value to your home.

Number Four - Will your home extensions have a significant impact on your neighbours?

Take in to consideration the impact your building works may have on neighbours with regards to noise, dust and access for tradespeople. If you are planning on building up a level or near to a boundary you may need to stay within certain council requirements with regards privacy, access to light and views for example.

Number Five - Is now the right time for building works in your life? 

If you have a baby due soon or have recently had a new addition to your family then maybe now is not the right time to be planning extensive works around your home. Unless of course you need the extension to accommodate a growing family in which case full speed ahead!

Opting to extend your home rather than move can add value to your home and save you the effort of having to move. Whether your extension is a garage renovation, creating a usable loft space, adding a conservatory or building on an entire new master suite section to your home then the effort will be well worth the temporary sacrifices in noise, dust and privacy! 

Considering a building project is both exciting and daunting. Choose recommended companies to assist you or do lots of research and read testimonials to get an idea on the reliability and quality of services provided.

BRS Ltd are experienced with garage conversions Auckland wide as well as other styles of home extensions. Visit for gallery images of previous projects and details on how they can assist you with your Auckland home renovations. As well as renovations BRS Ltd can advise on the most suitable home additions for Auckland homes.

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